Responsibility – The Ability To Respond To The World Within You And Outside Of You


I want to talk about the word Responsibility in a way that you might have never heard until now. Responsibility represents our ability to respond to any situation in our lives.

This word has a very important meaning because, for me it represents the freedom to choose and the freedom to decide.

Often when something bad or sad or some thing that we don’t like happens to us, our first reaction to these feelings is to find someone in our world to blame for. It is our parents fault if we are not happy now that we are adults; It is the politicians fault if the working situation in our life is not good. It is our partners fault if we are not happy. We always look for someone outside of us to blame for what ever we are feeling or for the situations that we go through.


It is no ones fault

What is important to remember is that we live in the reality where we are bombarded by the limiting believes that we learn from our parents, family members, society, school system. Being raised in these systems is a human condition that we all go through.We go through it, our parents go through it, our grand parents go through it, every one that we meet on our life path goes through this conditioning. It is no ones fault because this is the way of this world.

So this means, that it is not your parents fault if you were raised with the limitations you had since you were little because they were raised through the same or similar limiting believes when they were little. It is a circle that we are all part of. Our parents did it to us, their parents didi it to them, their parents did it to them and so on.


Work in the now to live a better present and a better future

While it is impossible for us to change the past, it is very possible for us to change our now so we can live a better present and a better future.

Being aware of what is limiting us and what we think is keeping us blocked and stuck is important. But understanding how we react to the blockages is even more important.

We have been thought by this society to always find the guilty one that hurt us. But what if the ones that hurt us were not aware and thought they were doing us a favor? What  if they were hurt at their time and are just living the pattern of behaviors  they learned from others.

Once we have blamed others, what does that leave us with? Have we really resolved our problem? Is this blaming going to make us feel any better?

What if our emotions  and reactions were telling us something different? What if instead we blaming others for hurting us and throwing the responsibility completely on them, we actually look with in us and try and understand why did we react in this particular way or why do we feel what we feel?

Understanding that it is our job to be responsible for how we feel and what we allow to hurt us is a big jump in our awareness. And this is where we can use our ability to respond to every thing that is happening in our reality. We and we only are responsible for what we allow to hurt us, to influence us and to condition our life.


You choose how you react and whom and to what you give
                               the power to hurt you

By now you have understood where l am going with this.

Read this carefully: The only choices you have control over are your thoughts and your emotions. 

Read this phrase above one more time! Let it sink in!

We often live the illusion that we can change others and how the others think. It is an illusion! We might talk until tomorrow to someone hoping to change their mind about some thing, but the only reason they change is because they decide to change.

When we stop blaming others for how we feel, than we can take the responsibility for how we feel and what we think that than changes our lives in better.

When we respond to our world in this way than we can actually transform our lives, than we can actually grow and heal.

When we understand that, we most of the time,if not always mirror our selves in others, than we can understand that what hurt us is not what they said or what they did but that these actions and words triggered our reaction for some reason and it is our responsibility to understand why were we triggered? Why did we get hurt by what others said or did?



Our responsibility determines the way we live

When we choose to look within us when something happens that hurts us, instead of blaming others, we are understanding that others are here to help us grow and help us heal from our past. Usually our triggers are created in the past, so when those triggers get touched it is actually the opportunity to revisit them,understand them, where are they coming from, why are they still hurting and this than allows us to heal.

when we respond to life and our relationships in this way, we actually respond with inner power. The inner power is always there, within us, we give it away when we don’t recognize our ability to heal our selves when we blame and shame. We use our inner power in a correct way when we actually uncover why we react to certain people and situation the way we do.

When we are able to be grateful even for the painful situations and people that help us look within us in life, it means that our awareness has grown and we have understood the power of healing we carry within us. You are the one who carries all the keys you need to unlock the doors to be opened so that the pain that was waiting there can be released. You are the one that has the power to decide what is not serving you any more and to let go. Others are here just to reflect and allow you to heal your self and to understand the power you carry within.

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