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Entrepreneurs And Founders


Hi there, we are Iman and Flavio. We have created our new life by learning and practicing and learning and making mistakes and than learning from those mistakes until we became Digital Entrepreneurs. We know there is no "earn quick" button in any business and we want you to know this too! Working hard with the will to learn and get your self out of the comfort zone of your old life is the way! We went through changes to become the people we needed to become so we can truly live the life we wanted for our family. If we, two ordinary people, could do this, you can do it too!

Our Passion in life is to help you get all the education that you need as well to help you  understand the work that needs to be done inside and outside of you to enable you to live a life filled with freedom ( work from where you want,when you want), purpose ( fulfillment comes from helping others, we all bring specific gifts to make this world a better place, you will have the opportunity to discover yours and than share them with others) and joy ( comes from aligning your purpose with your business model and your life).

Our goal is to help you get the information needed so you can make an informative and conscious decision about what direction do you want your life to take. In today's world people need to reach deep down within them and pull their passion out, using their focus and determination you can create the life you are longing to live.


Our Why

We are parents of two boys. In this world that is constantly changing, we choose to show our boys that through hard work, personal development and right education, we can transform our future and offer them a life filled with new opportunities. We are the change we want to see in the world around us! What better example can we give to our boys?

We believe in creating a reality where people have a choice to live life where they can express freely and share with their world who they are born to be, not who this world told them they can be!


My husband and I are building up a business that we are able to run and build from a computer any where in the world. We want to have the time and money freedom so that we are able to spend our lives as we choose to. For us, freedom is the most important value. We want a life style where we can live and enjoy our reality fully: We want to be free to spend our time with our family sharing different experiences. We want to be free to live the best versions of ourselves through our authentic life purpose and through helping many many other individuals and families to do the same.


Our vision is to help as many other human beings as possible to live the life they choose, a life on their own terms and conditions. We choose to help people understand their possibilities, life purpose, values and their undiscovered potential. Every person already has what they need to live a happy, meaningful and abundant life.


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