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At, the focus is to challenge the status quo. Our step by step blueprint and systems makes it possible for you to build an online business on your schedule using your laptop.


Our programs are unique. Every part of your journey is broken down into a simple step by step process, that anyone can follow regardless of age, educational background or experience. You will have access to an exclusive private community of like-minded, passionate beings, who are creating (or have already created) their ultimate dream life.


Our digital business system includes everything you need to start. Marketing material, In demand products to sell and support to help you succeed online. It doesn't matter whether you have any previous experience or not. No idea or product is needed to get started.


Starting a business on your own is really difficult. That is why we offer hands on private coaching to guide you on your journey. We have trained thousands of students like yourself to create passion-based businesses that they love.

Hello Stranger!  Welcome!

What if you could live the life feeling passionate about what you are doing, instead of working in a job that doesn't fulfill you.

What if you could live a life where you had all the time you wanted to spend with your loved ones, instead of working long hours and wishing you had more time.

What if you could live a life deciding how much you could earn, instead of wondering if you could buy this or that for your family or being worried if you can make it until the end of the month.

What if you could live a life where you would feel alive by living your life purpose instead of just surviving.

Ever had that feeling that the world, society, our family system, political system, health system, the world we live in every day is falling apart and is not sustainable any more!?

I did! We did! And we still have that feeling! Every where l turn around, l see people living lives that don't fulfill them any more:

People working too many hours to than earn just to survive.

Fathers and mothers trading their time for money and not having enough time to get to know their children, no time to rise their children!

People being stuck in their jobs feeling unfulfilled, lost,  trying hopelesly to understand what is it that they are doing wrong.

Stop right there!  It is not you! 

It is the traditional way of living and working that is not sustaining us and our families any longer!

If we want to change some thing than we need to start from right that traditional way of the world.

I am here to tell you that l made the change!

I was working as a teaching assistant and my husband worked in a rent a car agency. We realized that this traditional way of living is not working any more and we were tired of living it!

Others are part of this online community and life changing business model as well. There are doctors, lawyers, psychologists, bankers, coaches, teachers, flight attendants, stay at home moms. Young people, over 40 like, me and people over 60.

What am l talking about?

It is learning how to use internet from A to Z! It is a step by step system where not having any previous experience is not a problem. You can learn all that is expected to know as long as you want to invest some of your time, 15-20 hours per a week.

I must stress that there is no get rich fast button here. It is based on learning and putting in action what you have learned. It is like going back to school and educating your self about internet and marketing to say the least.

What is also important to know that you will be guided step by step. There are various courses, webinars, coaches and mentors that will be there for you to help you.

What l also must mention is the lovely community of a like minded people that have been through the process already and they know how it feels at the beginning so they are there to give you their support. What they will help you with is facing your fears, working on your mindset, help you overcome your limiting believes, support you in creating your dreams but also share with you how they created theirs.

This community, together with the excellent tools, coaches and mentors and founding leaders is the heart of this excellent proven business system.

Many people are realizing that with the knowledge acquired in different areas in their lives, they can create automated products that provide passive income that they can earn while sleeping or being on vacation.

Many people just want a better life, they don't have any products, yet they are willing to learn all the skills and to make the shift into a better life and here they can earn by promoting other high ticket products while they are learning and understanding what will their next step be. These are the products that we are proud to promote!

What l liked about this business system, other than l mentioned above, was that my husband and l could work and develop our business together. Being married for twenty years, having raised our children together, we have decided that we want to develop and support each other in this adventure as well. This helped us get closer and our relationship got a new refreshed reality.

We believe in giving the example, we want to show people that all is possible if one wants. This is what we are teaching our boys as well.

To succeed here in this digital reality you need to really want to succeed. You really need to grow into a person that is the entrepreneur inside of you. That means that you are going to have to figure things out, be outside of your comfort zone and learn new skills to be able to be that best version of your self. We believe that the great success in outside world is possible only if the work is done within  us and that means, overcoming inner obstacles, working on your mindset, understanding your limiting believes and changing them into new positive ones! This is really a journey of self discovery and incredible growth if you allow the process to guide you!

Easy to change ?

No, there were nights where l slept for three hours only!

There were days that l had very little time to work on this business, and l did what l could for that day and some times it was only 30 minutes that day.

There were many things to learn, a lot of mindsets to work on and creating of new healthy habits that helped us take our business and our selves to a next level of living and being!

So... if we could do it, you can do it too!!

Click on one of the buttons on our website and leave your name and email,, know that your information is safe with us. We won't share it with others!

We will send you the videos that we got and that explain what happens next if you decide to join us and how can we help you make the shift.

Please, watch these videos and stay open minded! If this is not for you, please unsubscribe. We really want the people that are willing to do the work and people that believe they have  much to offer to this world!

If you decide to stay and give your self a new chance, we and the team of people will welcome you and guide you to a new life!

Thank you for reading these words and getting to know us better.

May you make the best choice for you and the ones you love.




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